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Songs of Our Old Orbits

Craft's Debut Publication, Released 2018

Songs of Our Old Orbit is a collection of autobiographical poems composed by Umohowet Yelayu. Chronological and ordered by periods of life, it begins with youthful poems of ardent first-love and discovery. Before long, there is a shift to airy philosophy and the heavy esoteric, as life lessons and experiences slowly remove the rose-colored lenses. Emotional breakdowns and regroupings overtake the focus, leading to a renewed and blazing confidence, even if fault lines still rumble. Then, a diagnosis of mental illness followed by the desire for authenticity and true healing change the course of things once more. Here are powerful relationships as well as the deconstruction of those bonds; the development of strong religious beliefs and the painful losses of faith; transcendental philosophical brushstrokes and metaphysical pondering; declarations of personal strength and expressions of profound weakness. There is fragility & fortitude. Vulnerability, fear, anguish, melancholy, and misery. Power, courage, vigor, contentment. The result is a wholly human portrait.

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